Industry 4.0

After the concept was introduced, a number of sectors have examined the fourth industrial revolution and the effects of the technologies and drivers driving Industry 4.0. Through early stakeholder involvement, vertical and horizontal integration, and real-time asset and process monitoring, the objective is to enable autonomous decision-making processes, equally real-time connected value creation networks, and real-time asset and process monitoring. The technologies that enable Industry 4.0 use existing data as well as a variety of additional data sources, such as data from connected assets, to improve manufacturing processes, provide end-to-end information streams across the value chain, and introduce new services and business models.

1) AI and Robotics in upcoming Industry: Robotics for Space Mission are used and explored for its more advanced applications keeping in consideration of the type of terrain it will encounter in space. It has been used to collect data and to go into the region where human reach is not possible based on temperature and environment. Swarm of tiny swimming robots may search for extraterrestrial life on other or distant worlds.

2) AI and Robotics for renewable energy technologies: Combination of machine learning and robotics to study metal halide pervoskites, or thin, lightweight, flexible materials with outstanding properties for harnessing light which can be used to make sensors, solar cells, and energy-efficient lighting. It is to enhance material optimization and discovery to modify materials for increased efficiency.

  • AI and Robotics in upcoming Industry
  • AI and Robotics for renewable energy technologies

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