AI and Robotics for health

The robotic system NYSCF has developed enables us to generate enormous volumes of data from big patient groups and discover novel disease signatures as an altogether new basis for finding effective medications. This shows a perfect illustration of the power of artificial intelligence for illness research.

1) Medical Microrobots: Biodegradable microrobots that can dissolve into the body after carrying cells and drugs have been mass-produced by scientists. Building microrobots with the aim of minimally invasive targeted precision treatment can be done in a variety of ways. A technique that can make more than 100 microrobots per minute that can dissolve in the body must be developed. The most well-known of them is the two-photon polymerization method, which causes polymerization in synthetic resin by intersecting two lasers. It is an ultra-fine 3D printing technique. This method can produce structures with nanometer-level precision. The disadvantage is that producing a single microrobot takes a long time since voxels, the 3D-printed pixels, need to be successively cured.

2) Biorobots: The ability of muscle cells to flex in reaction to light has been genetically altered by researchers. This could one day lead to highly articulated, flexible robots. Endoscopy, a process where a camera is put through the body to illuminate tissue or organs, may be one potential robotic gadget. Many robotic designs draw inspiration from nature, such as geckos that adhere to walls, tuna that swim through water, and cheetahs that run across the ground quickly. Such designs use developed components and hardware to simulate the behaviour of animals while utilising natural qualities.

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